Medeltidsveckan 2013

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In 2013 Medeltidsveckan, the Medieval Week, in Visby celebrated its 30th anniversary. The Battle of Wisby was re-enacted for a second time. Gycklargruppen Pax showed their skills in their wonderful show Eld Brinn i Natten. A must see if you are in Visby for the medieval week. The medieval market was very nice this year, it seemed larger than ever and was arranged and set up really well. Peaople relive medieval times, each in their own way.
In this c ollection you can see some of the photos I made at this medieval festival.

If you have never been to Medeltidsveckan, be sure to come here at least once (you will surely want to return!)

Jaixa Photography was one of the sponsors (beskyddare) of Medeltidsveckan 2013.  I also supported the production the documentary film 7 Dagar. A recommeded film if you want to know what makes people want to come back to Medeltidsveckan in Visby.

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