Medeltidsveckan (the medieval week) is a medieval festival in Sweden on the island Gotland. The capital of the island, Visby, is an old hanseatic town. The town has an immense history with the 1361 invasion of Danish king Waldemar Atterdag as a sad highlight. For many years this invasion has been remembered and re-enacted during the festival. Medeltidsveckan is packed with activities, music and jesters like Gycklargruppen Pax, Trix and Narrarna. One of the highlights is the jousting tournament. There are fire shows and spontaneous concerts. The smell of smoke is omnipresent. At the Medieval market you can eat roast wild boar, glazed apples and much more. You can take part in courses like medieval smithery.
The best way to enjoy Medeltidsveckan is to dress medieval and join in in the parades, concerts and all public events. Socialize with others. Be sure to go to Kapitelhusgården and maybe do a smithery or shoe making course.

More photos are available in the archive.



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