Bandits Back To Basics

Bandits has been on my favourite list for quite a long time. When I first saw them perform I was convinced they were there to stay, the band had talent, performed well with feeling, fun, finesse and they rocked. Concert photography in a theatre with really good light is great!

In 2015 Bandits changed their usual way of performing by going into theatres and playing mostly acoustic. What a revelation that was. The intensity of the songs became more, the atmosphere at the concert I was at was perfect. Wonderful light, the stage set up perfectly. Great audience, quiet when needed and enthusiastic when wanted. Jasper Publie proves he has an amazing voice and can play guitar and keyboard. Toon Smet is good drummer, vocalist and keyboardplayer, an entertainer. Thomas is a steady bassplayer. With Toon he sets a good bassline where the rest of the band can firmly hang on to. Tim Tielemans, guitarist, keyboard player, drummer and singer; in this acoustic show he definitely displays a beautiful voice, something I would like to hear more of.

I was present at the opening show of the tour in Deinze and the concert in Strombeek. The bad shows they have all grown up musically. It are the same guys I saw over 6 years ago, musically they are a grown up band. I predict they will get even better and better in years to come.