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A fountain in Amsterdam

This photo was made in Amsterdam on a cold sunny day in February. It goes back to my street photography roots. I hardly do street photography, mostly when I am out with another photographer.  This was with a close friend, she had the better shot I frear. On this trip to Amsterdam she had my other camera with the 50-135 lens which worked better for a lot of shots.  It was sort of a crash DSLR course, she usually works with point and shoot cameras and a smaller and lighter camera with interchangeable lenses. Nice to hear her say, I now get the shots just as I want them. The DSLR was a bit to heavy for her, so she might well decide to go with a lighter mirror less camera.






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Oslo with incoming fog

Recently I was in Oslo for an assignment.
There was not much time to walk around and get a lot of shots. I mostly saw the city after sunset, which was between 3 and 4 PM. I was able to make some shots during daylight.
This was a shot taken from the 31st floor of the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Oslo. There suddenly was fog coming into the city. The room I had was so high that the fog was a little lower than my room, giving a nice perspective and view on the fog.
Because of the high floor the windows could not open far, but I was able to squeeze my Pentax K3 through the window, holding it tightly with the strap firmly around my wrist. I had to rely on my focus set before the shot. There was no way to actually see what I was doing. It turned out OK I think.

Fog flowing into Oslo

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