Medeltidsveckan 2015

Last week Medeltidsveckan edition 32 ended. My 14th!
For those who d not know Medeltidsveckan, it is a a medieval festival that takes place in the hanseatic city Visby on the island Gotland in Sweden. The Medieval Week, in Swedish: Medeltidsveckan, is a festival with concerts, a jousting tournament, a medieval market, courses and lectures. This year even the Iron Throne from Games of Thrones was set up in the St. Nicolai ruin. A lot of visitors wear Medieval clothes.

As always I take part in the festival, dressed medieval as you basically really should. Here is a small sample of concert photos I made during the week.

_JXP0063s _JXP0115s _JXP0387s

_JXP1219s _JXP7277s _JXP7366s



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Medeltidsveckan Opening Night

At the opening night many musicians, actors and fire artists gather to celevbrate the start of the festival that captures many hearts.

Many of the visitors dress up in a medieval style, some as pirates, some even in more of a renaissance style. A tradition is that fire arrows are shot into the sea.

This year I continued with the long exposure technique to get a shot of the arrows going through the sky. This one was made without a filter and an exposure of about 45 seconds. With a filter I could have left the lens opened a bit longer. But this was exactly how I wanted it.

In the water stood a large M (the logo of Medeltidsveckan) It was hit in round 1, thereafter the light was so heavy that I needed the -3 filter to get it right. Those photos need editing and might be posted later.


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Tunnelbana – the underground (subway) in Stockholm

Another small project, was to viit a few Tunnelbana stations. The Stockholm underground is a peace of art. Artists may apply for a change to transform the station into art.

These are the first two, more to follow.

_JXP6888s _JXP6941s

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Järnpojken – The Iron Boy

Järnpojken s a small statue I never noticed. Karolina a swedish freind of mine, posted photos on her Instagram and Facebook. The statue is very small and located on a place by “Finska Kyrkan” where is unnoticed if you walk by and don’t look down. Nowadays tourists are guided there, leave coins and whipe his head, so the colour is lost, just bare metal left. The curse of tourism. Järnpojken is well looked after in winter, he gets a scarf and knit cap.


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Stockholm Sweden

While in Sweden I wanted to shoot something different than all the years before. That is why I bought a flow slow down filters, a -3 stos and a -10 stops.

This time I went for long exposure. This is what I came up with. First edit on laptop.

_JXP0006as  _JXP7033s

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A fountain in Amsterdam

This photo was made in Amsterdam on a cold sunny day in February. It goes back to my street photography roots. I hardly do street photography, mostly when I am out with another photographer.  This was with a close friend, she had the better shot I frear. On this trip to Amsterdam she had my other camera with the 50-135 lens which worked better for a lot of shots.  It was sort of a crash DSLR course, she usually works with point and shoot cameras and a smaller and lighter camera with interchangeable lenses. Nice to hear her say, I now get the shots just as I want them. The DSLR was a bit to heavy for her, so she might well decide to go with a lighter mirror less camera.






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Bandits in CC Strombeek

On Sunday Feb 22 I was in Belgium again for photography at Bandits Back to Basics tour. #bbtb


The band requested the audience to be as silent as possible during the first two songs, the screaming could start later on. It worked magically, it was a very nice start and the audience was very respectful and cheerful throughout the show.

The concert was recorded, no wonder, the acoustics in this venue were perfect. The band played a perfect set, lots of good tones, beautiful voices.

_JXP3475s  _JXP3417s

_JXP3644CRs _JXP3786s

Nice part in the show is when the band invites people from the audience on stage to play along. This time it was heartwarming, with perhaps one of the youngest in the audience. This intermezzo ended with a song performed by the band with guest musician Ilse Decoster.

_JXP3357s _JXP3361s



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Bandits Back to Basics

The Belgian group Bandits had the première of their Back to Basics tour on Feb 4th in Deinze. It was a very intimate acoustic show with wonderful music, good in every aspect from start to finish. Good light for photography as well.

You can still buy tickets for this show, which is a recommendation:

_JXP2189s _JXP2541s _JXP2549s _JXP2578s _JXP2681s _JXP2149s


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A night to remember – The Aurora Project

This weekend I have been at a special concert by The Aurora Project, an amazing progrock band from the Netherlands (book them!). This concert was the bands’ own way of saying goodbye and give tribute to their guitarist Marc Vooijs who passed away last year.  A great show and a perfect way to give a last farewell. It was the first concert since Marc died, the band had set up a memorial stand, almost an altar, with the guitars and some books of their lost friend and band member. In the background some of the photos by and of Marc were shown, he was a talented photographer as well. The show was really wonderful with a great set list. The band rocks! The CD they gave away will probably be reviewed on the progrock sites.

The band will continue making music live and on CD, as Marc would have wanted.

This is one of the shots I made that evening.


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