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Jaixa Imaging captures the expression and emotion of people. Musicians, actors and dancers performing on stage and people participating in festivals are specialities of the photographer. Portrait, sports, documentary and street photography are other fields of interest. The photographer portrays the Medieval Week – Medeltidsveckan in Visby, the Elf Fantasy Fair and other LARP and re-enactment events. Musicians in my portfolio are amongst others: Blackmore’s Night, Eric Steckel, Bandits, Fredrik Strand Halland Band, The Aurora Project and Omnia.

Jaixa Imaging is associated with SVFN, The Society of Co-operating Professional Photographers in the Netherlands to guarantee quality and service.

Photographs Medeltidsveckan: 2002 – 2014

This Medieval festival in Visby on the beautiful island Gotland in Sweden is the place to go. Visby is a city with a huge stone ring wall, where each year thousands of people visit the festival dressed in medieval clothes. When you walk around in Visby, you are transported back into Medieval times. At the Medieval Fair you can buy Medieval clothes, and accessories.
The best way to enjoy Medeltidsveckan is to be dressed in Medieval clothes and take part in the parades, walk around the market and hang out with friends in Kaplitelhusgården.
Medeltidsveckan is packed with activities, music and jesters. Poeta Magica is a returning group. Just like Gycklargruppen Pax, a group of talented young jesters, Gycklargruppen LEeR performs at various events in Visby. One of the highlights is the jousting tournament. There are fire shows and spontaneous concerts. The smell of smoke is omnipresent. At the Medieval market you can eat roast wild boar, glazed apples and much more.

In the web shop you can buy photos, photos on canvas from Medeltidsveckan or download the original image for private use only. A publication license can be obtained by contacting the photographer or through the web shop.

Photographs Blackmore’s Night Concerts.

Blackmore’s Night features Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night and their band of minstrels. Jaixa Imaging Photoraphy regularly cooperates with the Dutch Fanclub (NFBN – Nederlandse Fanclub Blackmore’s Night) for photography of concerts of the band.

Photographs Eric Steckel 2006 – 2013.

The Eric Steckel Band performed at several venues in The Netherlands. Jaixa Imaging made photos at Bluesclub XXL – Wageningen, Café De Weegbrug – Roermond, the Zoetermeer Bluesfestival, ‘de Boerderij’ in Zoetermeer and more. Eric has become a musical friend. It is always nice to hear the wonderful guitar tunes and capture images of the concerts. Eric has grow from a very talented young musician to a very skilled experienced guitarist.

Photographs Fredrik Strand Halland Band at Flashboda Blues Festival Sweden 2008.

Fredrik Halland, the young guitar talent from Norway and his band played at Flashboda Blues Festival in Frövi, Sweden. He showed his talent in this magnifying concert. Photos can be found in the concert section. Fredrik won a scholarship and now studies in the USA. We will definately hear more of him in years to come.

Photographs Gizonband / Bandits 2009 – 2014

Upcoming Belgian Gizonband, performed at the Christmas Market in Leuven. The band members Jasper Publie, Thomas van Achteren, Toon Smet and Tim Tielemans showed what they were made of in a good and rocking Christmas show. Tim and Thomas are also know as T&T. The band has changed it’s name to Bandits now and is storming the Belgian charts.


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Sites Jaixa Photography is connected with:

http://www.visbysweden.com – a site focussed on Visby and Medeltidsveckan

http://www.medeltidsveckan.se – the official Medeltidsveckan website

http://www.gutarsbagskyttar.se – Gutars Bågskyttar, a longbow archery club from Sweden

http://www.hansevolk.de – Hansevolk zu Lubeck, a German re-enactment group from the beautiful city of Lübeck